Elias Kastritis

Elias Kastritis is currently working for the Information Society Operational Programme with management & appraisal responsibilities of –mainly– e-Government projects, having been a Management Consultant with Ernst&Young Consulting practice for 5 years, with a focus in IT transformation, performance management, impact analysis, e-Business –  e-Government strategic planning, architectures and policies.

His working experience includes business analysis, process redesign, business plans, ERP implementations, e-Learning technologies in industries such as banking, shipping, healthcare and the public sector. He also had business development responsibilities for a joint e-learning venture.

He holds an MSc in Information Technology, Management and Organizational Change by Lancaster University with a first degree in Mathematics. He has lecturing experience in domains such as Scenario Planning Process, Information Systems and Process Reengineering. As a Research Associate he joined eLTRUN research group in 1997, when among other activities, he designed an integrated learning program for major public organisation. At 2003 he re-joined, by entering the IRIS research group, as a phD candidate, exploring the issues of IT Leadership and its role – performance impact in e-Governance frameworks and policies.