MBA Strathclyde Greece testimonial

After twenty (20) years of working experience at multiple management level from junior to top management level I was simply seeking to improve and widen my managerial knowledge but in a structured and scientifically acceptable way. Thus I didn’t expect to experience something extraordinary! But the Strathclyde MBA is something more and above your expectations. What you gain from the programme is not only a perspective of the global business environment but mostly an unconscious competence which in turn is combined with the confidence you gain that what you have taught and you have learned is what is valid and precise.In my opinion, the last one works as a real multiplier of skills and competences for people with previous managerial experience. The programme constitutes a condensed and valuable experience for everyone who seeks not only to learn how the business environment works but mostly to be prepared to play a considerable role or even to lead your organization when you requested to do so.

After all the Strathclyde MBA is more than another step in personal development even much more than a formal professional qualification. It is a very interesting journey, a round trip from the academic to real business world and vice versa. It is a journey that the more you like to learn, the more you enjoy it!Dimosthenis Katsigiannis - Program Manager & ex-secretary general Ministry of Construction - J&P AVAX SA


Being a civil engineer of National Technical University of Athens, with a 10 year career in the real estate, construction and development sectors as a project manager, required perseverance and focus in order to achieve career advancement.

However, when climbing up the management “ladder”, additional skills supported by academic background and credentials are required. Therefore, I took the decision to choose an MBA course. After extensive research, the choice proved easier than expected. Ranking in the World Top 100, triple accredited by global organizations, gave me more than enough promise and justification for choosing the Strathclyde MBA course in Athens.

Already at the end of the first year of the course I have found that, although demanding and challenging, well – structured modules are providing valuable knowledge and education while at the same time demonstrating how theory is applied in practice.

The Strathclyde MBA course is an experience and as such it can provide to today’s professional new perspectives and tools for confronting tomorrow’s international business environment.Myron Mylonas - Civil Engineer N.T.U.A. - Chairman & Chief Executive Officer - Amber Resorts S.A.


MBA Strathclyde Greece testimonial

The Strathclyde MBA course was a learning journey that transformed my thinking and provided me with the necessary skills for understanding and exploring diverse perspectives in an ambiguous business environment. The MBA course requires personal effort and commitment but the well-structured course and the support from the Strathclyde professors guarantee a rewarding experience and well-recognized MBA degree.Athanassios Liakopoulos -Business Development Manager - Hewlett Packard Hellas


MBA Strathclyde Greece testimonial

My primary goals were to gain a well acknowledged international degree, learn through co-students from reputed organizations, and have the right skills to move up in my career. All these have been successfully met through the Strathclyde MBA at Athens.

The Strathclyde MBA allowed me to acquire a lot of new knowledge, essential for the continuation of my professional career. I benefited heavily from the education received from professors who have extensive professional and academic experience, as well as from the practical case studies carried out in groups. A professional teaching staff with appropriate backgrounds, friendly environment,and constant pursuit for academic excellence are the key elements of such a valuable experience. Diverse professional and student backgrounds also played asignificant role in my positive experiences at Strathclyde. Classroom sessions were inspiring and every moment was a new learning with co-participants and tutors sharing their experiences. The smaller class sizes afforded students the opportunity to connect with instructors more easily when at the same time professors push hard toward the application of the material through research and presentation of results and impact. Thank you for allowing me to profit from these excellent resources.
Facing the rapid globalization of the markets, the Strathclyde MBA provides essential keys of understanding. It has consolidated my flexibility in varied fields such as management, finance, marketing, human resources and mainly strategy. It covered the missing gaps and linked the different business topics together, leading me in a very interesting experience. The rich practical application of theory changed my business outlook and structured my thinking process, helping me to develop the right managerial tools to identify problems, analyze situations and formulate appropriate strategies for problem solving. Months of heavy study, where we all agree we have experienced new skills and approaches in our different business fields, gave me the opportunity to put myself on the forefront dealing with our daily business issues. Today I have the overall picture I always wanted to get.
Overall, the Strathclyde MBA at Athens has been an invaluable experience and if you asked me what I am using in my current position that I learned in the Strathclyde MBA program, I would respond, what am I not using.George Maginas - Away From Home & Travel Retail Sales Manager - Mondelez Hellas


People often ask me why I chose to study the Strathclyde MBA in Athens; I must admit that my search for an MBA course was thorough and long. In the end, however, my choice became clear, since, I believe that Strathclyde offers one of the best MBAs in UK and the rest of Europe.In particular, I felt that the subjects you study add value to your existing knowledge, as well as make you much more reflective, as a manager.

It was a challenging time – a lot of studying, essay writing, and of course, exams. But above all, a lot of thinking; thinking as a manager, what I will be asked to face, how should I approach each case, what are the dynamics of the role. In fact, I believe that one of the best ‘assets’ this course helped me acquire is a sound way of business thinking. After all, as managers we are not asked to know everything; but we need to know how to go about finding the solutions to the problems at hand. By all means, go ahead, enjoy this creative and challenging experience!Georgia Kalemidou - Manager KPMG - Athens


MBA Strathclyde Greece testimonial

The Strathclyde MBA achieved two goals for me–it was a clear enabler for career advancement and at the same time an outstanding learning experience that I have already put to use, blending management theory and practice in a very effective way with a strong focus on strategic management.Nikitas Despotidis - Business & Information Technology Management Advisor


When I started at Terna Energy S.A, appointed as head of service department, I was looking for a justified competent option to develop an improved understanding of the business environment, focusing on the finance sector, in order to eliminate the knowledge gap between engineering and business development.

After having studied part of the course, I truly believe that the triple accredited Executive MBA course offered by a World Class University like University of Strathclyde is a unique opportunity to improve my skills and provide immediate value, direct and indirect, to my profession.Vagiannis G Karakasides - Electrical Engineer, MSc. - Head of Global Service, Terna Energy S.A


MBA Strathclyde Greece testimonial

After conducting comprehensive research and numerous discussions with professionals from a wide spectrum of businesses, I decided to attend the Strathclyde MBA in Athens. The programme would allow me to enrich my business acumen while working, whereas its modern facilities and flexible setupcould lead thigh performance and deep understanding of the pertinent business issues.

The reality proved to be even better; the leading figures of the English & Greek academia sponsoring the modules, the deep integration of management theory and practice in virtually all topics, but more importantly the absolute focus upon the Manager as a reflective practitioner rather than just a “toolkit” of ready-made solutions, was a really unique experience and made me enjoy this 2 ½ years journey.
The radical development of my skills and qualifications during this MBA course bit more importantly their application in my job routines was not only immediate and direct; it was also very effective and obvious to everyone. Before even completing the course in 2006, I was promoted to Senior Credit Analyst on the basis of superior performance. Moreover, the capacity to manage the excessive relevant workload and deliver on time, as well as my vital contribution in process improvement and response times of the Division led me to assume a managerial position in late 2008. Today, I am the Sector Manager of the Credit Risk Assessment Division regarding all Corporate & Investment Banking clients of Emporiki Bank. I lead a team of four Senior Credit Analysts with a portfolio, which reaches approximately €7 billion.Vassilis Moutzouris - Sector Manager - Emporiki Bank Athens


As a physician working in the pharmaceutical industry the MBA was an opportunity for me to develop new perspectives in my career as well as my personality by moving away from my specialist area and developing new expertise.

After extensive search for an executive MBA program I came across the Strathclyde Business School MBA; one of the few European MBAs the offer the triple accreditation of AMBA, AACSB and  EQUIS. The curriculum is demanding as one has to balance work, personal life and school, but it is also very rewarding as it provides current and relevant education. The program has definitely broadened my perspective on business management and strategy, improved my problem-solving skills, and gave me an insight in business strategy. The learning and teaching environment has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and significantly contributed to my personal development. I have learned to face challenges with new creative approaches and now turn them into opportunities.
Courses like “Management, Strategy, and the International Environment” and “Exploring the International Environment” focusing on strategic analysis and strategic management, as well as decision making, allow for a deep understanding of the role of strategy and provide all the necessary tools for strategic and creative thinking.Additionally courses such as “Managing People in  Organizations” and “Marketing” have greatly helped me to further develop my management skills. Through projects and electives I gained the tools to improve my understanding of business and evolve to a higher level in the pharmaceutical industry. Of course all of this would not have been possible without the great guidance from an excellent teaching staff. Local and Strathclyde based  instructors were high level and even during the intense courses I was able to engage and interact with the tutors and gain a great amount of insight. In many courses the peer to peer interaction through projects was very rewarding in gaining knowledge from “real world” cases as well as from other peer’s experiences. Additionally interfacing with professionals from other countries during classes and projects allows for a deeper understanding of the international business world. The biggest benefit of my experience at the Strathclyde MBA is the confidence in my ability to  understand and solve business problems using a strategic methodology as well as improving my skills in managing major stakeholders, and providing leadership.Dr. Konstantinos Xynos - Area Medical Advisor Renal Care Western Europe & Canada - Abbott Laboratories