The Strathclyde MBA

Strathclyde MBA GreeceThe Strathclyde MBA is not just a business programme, it’s a stimulating, challenging, life-changing experience, which will make you question, re-think and re-evaluate how you do business.

The Strathclyde MBA is highly experiential and based on collaborative learning. Students share their varied work experiences, knowledge, understanding and skills.

The MBA will shape and guide you as a reflective, open- thinking, adaptive learner. This is facilitated through enhanced understanding of the interplay of theory and practice in management. In particular it:

  • Provides the skills required for progression to higher level policy-forming positions
  • Allows you to make successful career transitions
  • Facilitates the move from technical specialism to general management
  • Polishes the skills and enhances the abilities of people working for themselves or about to set up in business

We believe that we offer one of the best MBA learning experiences in the world. A bold statement, but one we believe we can justify. We are educational pioneers – and the Strathclyde MBA, the first full time one year MBA programme in the UK – has been continually evolving, improving and striving to reflect current practice since 1966. We are one of only less than 1% business schools in the world to hold international accreditation from the 3 business education hallmarks of excellenceAMBA, AACSB and EQUIS.

We consistently demonstrate excellence in the quality of our teaching, research and knowledge exchange, and our drive and motivation to continue to improve is boundless. The results of the most recent UK Research Assessment Exercise 2008 (RAE) affirmed our school as a leader for “world leading and internationally excellent” research, with SBS being rated top for research in Scotland – by a long way – and 7th equal in the UK.


What are the prime benefits of The Strathclyde MBA?


  • A broad understanding of business and management issues
  • Strategic orientation and the ability to successfully implement the strategies formulated
  • Development of management skills and techniques
  • Self-awareness as a manager and leader
  • Increased confidence in all areas of business

Career development

  • Enhanced promotion prospects
  • New career opportunities
  • Access to the extensive Strathclyde alumni network


What are the benefits for employers and sponsors?

Improved corporate performance

  • Greater understanding of corporate goals
  • More knowledgeable and successful management
  • Advanced communication through mutual understanding
  • Greater awareness of external influences and recognition of the need for a quality customer focus and market orientation
  • Increased potential for the effective utilization of valuable corporate, human and other resources

Human resource development

  • Greater ability to attract and retain high potential managers
  • Flexible approach to management education
  • Structured development of individual managers
  • Integral part of succession planning and development of tomorrow’s leaders

While many traditional MBA programmes consist of a set of unlinked single discipline classes, we recognise that the job of a senior manager involves making decisions across a range of functions. The Strathclyde MBA has therefore adopted a holistic integrated approach to management education which aims to develop executive potential by giving a broad understanding of business and management and a depth of vision essential to tomorrow’s top managers and corporate leaders.

In addition, the breadth and expertise of our faculty means that we can offer a wide range of elective subjects, ensuring that you have the best choice of specialist study areas.

Unlike many other MBAs, we ensure that all of our course members are experienced business people. Therefore your colleagues will truly understand the dynamics of the work-place, and be able to contribute more readily to sessions.

All in all, we aim for the Strathclyde MBA to be a challenging, stimulating and enjoyable experience, which will leave you a more confident, rounded manager.