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Your Supervisors

Typically candidates work largely independently, but with guidance from supervisors who have expertise in knowledge domains that are relevant to the candidate’s programme of study. Two or more supervisors are appointed by the University and are responsible for establishing regular contact and keeping candidates informed about requirements for progress and completion of the DBA degree. At least one supervisor will be an academic member of staff in SBS. Second, and other, supervisors may be appointed from the existing staff of the School, or from another Faculty, University, or relevant Institution. The supervisors will normally operate as a team, providing guidance about the nature of research and the standards expected. They will also prepare the candidate for the final Viva Examination.

Candidates can expect to meet their supervisors on a regular basis (face-to-face or by telephone or Skype), and to receive feedback on their research and publication plans, their progress, and their written outputs. Supervisors may also encourage candidates to pursue appropriate training and development opportunities including attendance at seminars and conferences. However it is the candidate’s responsibility to take the initiative in setting meeting times and dates, to raise any problems or issues that may affect progress, and to ensure that agreed deadlines are met.