Information & Technology Management

The aim of this class to equip the non-technically minded (or not necessarily technically minded) for making the best out of technology and particularly computers in their work. On the one hand, understanding the big picture about technology will help people in organisations use technology adequately for improving their work performance while at the same time making their work more convenient. This class figures out not only how to use computers, but also what computers should be used for.

On the other hand, in organisations users of technology often need to talk to people who are in charge of technology and often seem to speak a foreign language and perform miracles with our computers. In this class students will acquire the basic technological terminology which will help them through these potentially unpleasant conversations. Thus the overall educational aim of this class is to develop students’ understanding of state of the art technology, particularly technology used by managers, in a way that will also enable them to continue learning beyond the class in order to understand the upcoming technology.

Indicative Content:

1. One of the five topics in the five-weeks long online time of the course will deal with technology generally, while each of the remaining four topics will focus on an aspect of IS/ICT.

2. In terms of technology we will cover topics such as intellectual property, reliability, experience innovation, and the principle of non-finito.

3. With reference to IS/ICT the topics include data storage, web strategy, corporate portals and IS/ICT design, amongst others.