Exploring the International Business Environment

The class aims to help students understand and become comfortable with the inherent ambiguity and uncertainty in the contextual (or macro) environment where the irreducible uncertainties lie and which impacts all organisations but which they essentially have no control over; this is distinct from the transactional or internal environments of organisations over which they have varying degrees of control.

Indicative Content:

  1. Introduction to the subject and assessment guidelines
  2. Uncertainty and the issues in prediction
  3. Contextual environment drivers of change
  4. The fundamentals of scenario planning
  5. The role and value of scenarios in organisations
  6. The scenario planning methodology including systems analysis, research, the role of ‘remarkable’ people, identifying predetermined elements and critical uncertainties, and crafting and presenting scenario storylines;
  7. Understanding the role and relevance of the client in EIBE
  8. Experiential learning as the pedagogy to teach EIBE.