Name: Dr. Farhad Shafti
Title/Position: Teaching Fellow

Faculty Bio

I have BSc and MSc in Industrial Engineering, both from top universities in Iran, and a PhD in Management Science from University of Strathclyde. My main areas of interest are Service Operations Management, in particular the challenges of Performance Measurement in service environment. Where it relates to the above, I am also interested in application of simulation as well as effects of cultural factors in service operations. Before joining academia I was working for National Iranian Productivity Organisation and was Liaison Officer for Asian Productivity Organisation. My main duties were to provide consultancy and training on productivity improvement for private and public industries in Iran. In my parallel life I have a 2nd PhD degree, this time on Theology, from the University of Edinburgh. Although apparently two very different subjects, my studies in Theology have been beneficial for my thinking in Management Science as they have significantly improved my abstract and my synthetic thinking in this subject area. They have also opened my mind to some new research opportunities which I hope to develop and write about soon.


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