Name: Prof. Christine Cooper
Title/Position: Professor - MBA

Faculty Bio

My research is broadly concerned with the impact of accounting in our everyday lives. This broad interdisciplinary arena has two dominant strands. The first is concerned with the probably unanswerable question - why do we do what we do. In terms of accounting this would mean considering how accounting information or accounting's theoretical frameworks impact upon our decision making or actions. These types of questions surround accountings' potential connection to the constitution of subjectivity, the constitution of our 'common sense', naturalised understandings of the world and our position within society. It is possible that on learning accounting language, we also acquire a slightly altered subjectivity. In a sense, accounting could have an unconscious effectivity. The second closely related strand is concerned with the wider economic and social impact of accounting on people's lives. It is perhaps self-evident that accounting in its broadest sense impacts upon our everyday lives in the economic arena. It could be argued that the large accounting firms' consultancy wings are impacting increasingly on our lives through their advice to national and local government.


Professor Course Number Course Name Instructor Room Number Days Time Credits Prerequisites
Christine Cooper MG917 Financial and Management Accounting N/A N/A N/A 10.0 N/A